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Always Fast Travel Mod - Palworld Modding
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Always Fast Travel Mod Mod v1.0.3

Tired of having to always rely on your Pals to travel by air? Or even water? Tired of running out of stamina and hunger hitting in when you run distances. I get it. Sometimes it is just hard to cover long distances in Palworld. That is why you need the Always Fast Travel mod. This mod lets you choose a destination on the map and you can pick a place to immerse there asap. This way your chances of catching rare Pals, or collecting gems increase. One of my go-to mods in Palworld. To get the latest file version, navigate to the download section and click the button.
07 Feb, 2024
Latest version
Base Game
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it worth modding the Palworld?

The simplest answer is Yes. You should definitely give it a try. Modding can be so fun.

Why Always Fast Travel Mod _1.0.3 is not working?

Is okay to get warnings from my Anti-Virus software?

I need help with modding?

Download Always Fast Travel Mod MOD for Palworld

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