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Carry Weight Increase Mod - Palworld Modding
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Carry Weight Increase Mod Mod v3.0

It certainly is easy to let your Pals carry all your weight, but it won’t hurt to increase the amount of weight you yourself can carry. Hey! Sometimes it comes in handy as well! Carry Weight mod developed by Vuxacha tends to aim at this particular problem. With this mod, it increases the amount of weight you can carry. As well as it decreases the weight of the items, so this was your capacity to lift everything goes higher. Your stamina is durable and longer under more weight. However, there are also optional files, which can increase the carry weight capacity to 10, 000 or 100, 000. It will increase the gain per point by 2500 and 25,000 accordingly. The optional Reduce Item Weight files can either reduce item weight by 10 times or 5 times the original. Or reduce it by half properly. There are experimental files as well. This mod is compatible with both single and multi-player games. With Carry Weight mod, you don’t have to let your Pals carry everything and spend time feeding them. You can be your own resource hauler and carry weight!
20 Feb, 2024
Latest version
Base Game
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it worth modding the Palworld?

The simplest answer is Yes. You should definitely give it a try. Modding can be so fun.

Why Carry Weight Increase Mod _3.0 is not working?

Is okay to get warnings from my Anti-Virus software?

I need help with modding?

Download Carry Weight Increase Mod MOD for Palworld

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