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Pal Analyser Mod Mod v0.7.2

I think this one certainly needs credits. The Pal Analyser, as the name suggests shows you the stats of Pals. You can hold the particular Pal with your cursor or hold down the left alt key for the keyboard. What is great about this mod is it gives you an all-natural feel to it. The Pal Analyser is set to show more stats about the particular Pal the more you catch them. Of course, with this mod, you change these settings via the configuration file. Shift + O will open up the configuration menu and you can choose to show all the traits even when you catch one. That’s up to you. The Pal Analyser can be used in both single-player and multi-player games. The data is retrieved from your own local PC so there is no need for a host. What’s cool about Pal Analyser is it blends in with the Pal World’s UI very well. Also, it shows cool stats about Pals which can be very useful to know. Like their Work Ethic, heart Points, etc. This is one of the coolest mods I have come across and definitely worth the try.
20 Feb, 2024
Latest version
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it worth modding the Palworld?

The simplest answer is Yes. You should definitely give it a try. Modding can be so fun.

Why Pal Analyser Mod _0.7.2 is not working?

Is okay to get warnings from my Anti-Virus software?

I need help with modding?

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