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Play as Zoe Mod - Palworld Mods
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Play As Zoe Mod Mod v2.5

Sometimes, Palworld can get boring sometimes to play with the same character. Zoe is our home girl who assists the main character all the time. However, in the original game, she is just an NPC. Through Play as Zoe, you can change your characters. You can play around with her outfits, costumes, or hairstyles. It’s a super fun mod for those who want a change of characters, and a fresh approach. Download the Play as Zoe and have some uniqueness to your gameplay to come out of the boredom.
07 Feb, 2024
Latest version
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it worth modding the Palworld?

The simplest answer is Yes. You should definitely give it a try. Modding can be so fun.

Why Play As Zoe Mod _2.5 is not working?

Is okay to get warnings from my Anti-Virus software?

I need help with modding?

Download Play As Zoe Mod MOD for Palworld

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